Electronic Prescribing–Controlled Substance Validation.

This page is to act as a secondary validation to the receipt of a submitted Electronic Prescription for Controlled Substance (EPCS) as allowed by the State of Massachusetts Department of Health, the State of Massachusetts Board of Pharmacy, and the DEA. Instructions to process an (EPCS):
  1. Enter your NCPDP and the Transaction Control code that was provided within either the Fax validation or included in the electronic prescription that was received at the pharmacy
  2. Upon verification, you will see the following validated information that was provided in the electronic prescription: Patient Last Name, Physician Last Name and Pharmacy Name
  3. Print the final prescription processed from your pharmacy application and indicate that the prescription is a controlled substance prescription
  4. File this combined EPCS and fax validation as you do with all other hard copy controlled substance prescriptions
  5. Process the EPCS with the same level of professional judgment as you do with paper prescriptions. You must be confident that the prescriber and patient are valid and the prescription is appropriate prior to dispensing this prescription
  6. Contact the prescriber for additional validation or clarification
  7. Contact the Berkshire Health Systems Project Liaison, Ann McDonald, RN, MN at (413) 445-9529 or (609) 802-3369 if you have any questions on this process
Enter the reference numbers below.

Transaction Control code
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